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About The Potion Lady

The Potion Lady is a true mom-and-pop small business located in a beautiful mountain valley in the wilderness of Humboldt County, California.  We first started crafting our own ritual items for ourselves and members of our circles, and they quickly grew in popularity among our local pagan communities.  We opened a magickal brick-and-mortar shop filled with spell candles, ritual and spiritual oils, metaphysical books, magickal stones and crystals, herbs, Wiccan jewelry and a ton of other offerings.  Our little shop was sadly short-lived, and we were forced to close due to family needs which - of course - came first.

Once we were settled back in our family home, we were able to focus on the rejuvenation of our business.  We re-designed and re-branded, taught ourselves some new techniques and branched out into new areas of creativity. 

We've been doing business since the late 1990's, and The Potion Lady has been in existence since 2006.  Now a new generation is learning the business, and we intend to be around for many, many more years to come!