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Van Van Oil - Lemongrass, Pyrite - Condition Oil, Dressing Oil, Ritual Oil, Anointing Oil, Altar Oil, Offering Oil, Witchcraft, Pagan, Wicca

"Beautiful bottles and labels. Can't wait to use it!!"

Chuparosa Candles - Crown Of Glory Spell Candles - Ritual Candles, Pink Spell Candles, Love Altar Candle, Witchcraft Supplies

"Gorgeous candle! Such beautiful drips and enveloping scent"

Set of Witch's Herbs Jars, Sacred Herbs, Wiccan Herb Jars, Herbal Witchcraft, Hoodoo Herbs, Witch's Cupboard Jars, Corked Herb Jars

"Love these jars and herbs! As a new crafter the recommendations and customer service is appreciated! I will be back!"

Sugar Daddy Spiritual Cones - Cone Incense, Wiccan Incense, Ritual Incense, Spell Casting Supplies, Witchcraft Supplies, Occult Supplies

"These smell great and burn beautifully! very pleased, thank you! will order again"

Set of Witch's Herbs Jars, Sacred Herbs, Wiccan Herb Jars, Herbal Witchcraft, Hoodoo Herbs, Witch's Cupboard Jars, Corked Herb Jars

"This is probably the best purchase I've made on etsy. The jars are the perfect size and there was a candle thrown in which is always a plus! Five star shop and purchase hands down."

Banishing Candle – For Your Rituals To Rid Yourself Of Bothersome People And Unwanted Conditions - Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft Supplies

"I love the sent of these candles, they're perfect. Plus she also threw in a little mini potion surprise for me! her product is definitely the best I've come across so far and i am proud to say i will be a loyal customer! She is the best! :') "

Set of Witch's Herbs Jars, Sacred Herbs, Wiccan Herb Jars, Herbal Witchcraft, Hoodoo Herbs, Witch's Cupboard Jars, Corked Herb Jars

"Absolutely beautiful. Jars arrived as described, exquisitely packed for shipping and fast. I will shop here again. Thank you for the great transaction and the lovely little gift too."

Uncrossing Oil - Ritual Oil, Spell Casting Oil, Dressing Oil, Hoodoo Oil, Condition Oil - Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo, Conjure Supply

"I can't say enough about the quality of the products I have received from you. LOVE LOVE LOVE and Light to YOU Auntie!!!"

Apollo's Song - Divination, Rejuvenation - Myrrh, Bay - Spell Candle, Witchcraft Candle, Wiccan Candle, Spiritual Candle

"Absolutely loved them both beautiful and smelled amazing. Can't wait for the full moon to use them. Will be ordering many more to come! "

Imbolc Candles, Brigid Candles, Ritual Candles, Sabbat Candles, Pagan Candles

"Beautifully crafted & divinely scented- very magical! Your shop is a wonderful discovery, I will be back. Thanks!"

Lucky Black Cat Candle - Powerful Gambling Luck, Reverse Bad Luck

"All the candles I have purchased smell wonderful and it is obvious they are made with love and care."

Pumpkin Honey Chai Mabon Candle - Divination, Psychism, Readings

"Beautiful & exactly what I was expecting. Rcvd quickly along with an extra tiny bottle(for use with the candles while doing Wiccan work) & instructions on use. The candles smell amazing. Will be fantastic to use during Autumn time."

Fiery Wall Of Protection Pillar Candle - Repel Evil, Protect Against Spiritual Attacks

"I am always very happy to work with the seller. For a professional, very prompt, and always courteous!"

Attraction Candle - Draw Luck, Love, Money And More

"Candles smell amazing....you can still smell the scent days after you haven't burned them in a room. I will be ordering more."

The Wild Hunt Pillar Candle - Chasing Your Desires, Focus, Strength, Perseverance

"I have received many items over the years from sellers around the world and I have NEVER received a package done with such care as this one was done in! The box the candles came in was VERY well padded and the box was a decorative box with a hand tied cord around it with a bow holding it shut. The candles inside were packaged with care and didn't have any damage to them. Unlike the ones I bought from a national chain which had cracked from being in the cold and smacked together, these were perfect. They're exactly as described and in perfect order. The information sheet is helpful along with the scented oil! Well worth the money and time to get them. I'm recommending this seller to all my friends!"

Road Opener Oil - Clear Away Obstacles, Open The Way To New Beginnings - Unblocking Oil, Wiccan Oil, Witchcraft Oil - Lemon Balm, Clary Sage

"This oil is such a pleasure to include in my workings. The scent is fresh and smells like hope and sunshine to me. It arrived quickly and well packaged."

Come To Me Spell Candle - Draw A Lover Of The Opposite Sex

"Wasn't expecting it to get here so quickly but I'm glad it did  :)  it smells amazing and brings the holiday live in like no other."