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The Potion Lady

Flip-Top Herbs Jars, Sacred Herbs, Wiccan Herb Jars, Herbal Witchcraft, Hoodoo Herbs, Witch's Cupboard Jars, Sealed Herb Jars

$ 32.97

Flip-Top Herbs Jars, Sacred Herbs, Wiccan Herb Jars, Herbal Witchcraft, Hoodoo Herbs, Witch's Cupboard Jars, Sealed Herb Jars

Choose your own herbs and customize your Magickal Cupboard!  Make your selections, click "Add a note to your order", and place your order for your very own magickal apothecary!

Herb Jar Sets come in sets of 3, 5, 7, 9 or 13 herbs of your choosing.

Choose from the following (choose 3, 5, 7, 9 or 13, depending on your option above). Please note that all choices may be subject to limited availability. (Orders received without selections, or selections not on the list below, may be subject to delayed processing and/or selections made by seller.) All herbs are cut and sifted, unless otherwise noted.

**Due to customs prohibitions, this item is only available to customers in the United States.**

~ Agrimony Herb
~ Alfalfa Herb
~ Allspice Berries, whole
~ Anise Seed
~ Basil Herb
~ Bay Leaf
~ Black Haw Bark
~ Blessed Thistle, Holy Thistle
~ Blue Vervain
~ Blue Violet
~ Boneset
~ Calendula Flowers
~ California Poppy
~ Cardamom Seeds
~ Catnip Herb
~ Chamomile Flowers
~ Chickweed Herb
~ Cinnamon Chips
~ Cloves, whole
~ Coltsfoot Herb
~ Comfrey Leaf
~ Coriander Seed
~ Dandelion Leaf
~ Elder Flowers
~ Eucalyptus Leaf
~ Eyebright Herb
~ Fennel Seed
~ Goldenrod Herb
~ Hibiscus Flowers
~ Honeysuckle Flowers
~ Hops Flowers
~ Horehound
~ Hyssop Herb
~ Lady's Mantle
~ Lavender Flowers
~ Lemon Balm
~ Lemon Verbena
~ Lemongrass
~ Marjoram Leaf
~ Mandrake, American (Mayapple)
~ Marshmallow
~ Motherwort
~ Mugwort Herb
~ Mullein
~ Mustard Seed, Yellow
~ Nettle Leaf
~ Peppermint Leaf
~ Plantain Leaf
~ Red Clover Leaf & Flower
~ Rosemary Herb
~ Roses, Red Petals
~ Rue Herb
~ Sacred White Sage
~ Saint John's Wort
~ Sampson Snake Root herb
~ Sassafras Root Bark
~ Senna
~ Shepherd's Purse)~ Skullcap
~ Strawberry Leaf
~ Tarragon Leaf
~ Wormwood
~ Yarrow Flower
~ Yerba Mate
~ Yerba Santa

I love these jars! They are super-cute, they look great in any spiritual workspace and hold much more herb than a 4-dram vial. I've always had trouble getting loose herbs out of vials, so I just love these wide-mouth little jars. They are approximately 2" across at the mouth, and about 3" tall. The kraft labels include magickal properties for quick, easy reference.

Shipping is quoted for a large box. Your actual order may qualify for a refund on shipping.

(Photo props, floral, statuary and backdrops are *not* included in this listing.) Each jar is filled to the top, but volume of different herbs may vary due to density (i.e., leaf vs. bark, etc.). Contents may settle during shipping.

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